Friday, December 28, 2012

Revisiting the 2012 goals

Well... this is not looking good

1. Keep up with the quilting bee (I was good about this in 2011, but got a bit behind right before having a baby)
I managed this! I got behind only once, but then I caught up in a month, and I am all caught up now! Check!

2. Complete 12 quilt tops including: quilts for A&A  (2), Max's Quilt, Living Room Quilt, and Summer Sampler.
Yeah no. I completed 6 tops I think. I may be able to finish one more but that's it.

2a. Quilt 8 quilts (some of the ones above need to be long-arm quilted, no way my sewing machine can handle them!)
Well, I came close! I quilted 7. All the completed tops plus one more from last year.

3. Make some headway in making our bed quilt: put all the blocks together
Not even a slightest bit. I now have 3 options for fabric to make this though!

4. Learn how to make blocks using templates and using paper piecing
I did learn paper piecing. Templates, not so much (although honestly I don't think it would be that difficult, I have done equilateral triangle blocks, tumbler blocks and kite blocks.)

5. Take one quilting class
I did do that! Exactly 1!

6. Learn free-motion quilting.
I have attempted this, but I am finally taking a class in January!

So 2.5/6... I think I need to make more attainable goals next year!

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