Sunday, January 1, 2012

Projects for 2012

After a long break (I had a baby!!) I finally have enough energy to get back into quilting. I realized that I have too many ideas floating around and I need to organize all of them, so as to not to forget what I meant to do with all of my pretty fabrics! So I apologize, but this post is not going to be terribly exciting.

Project 1: Anya & Alyssa's quilts
Design: Xs and Os from Quilting Academy book
Fabric: Me and My Sister Favorites (I have 3 jelly rolls)

3 jelly rolls
7.75 yards of various pinks
7.75 yards of various yellows

Project 2: Stars Quilt
Merlot Batiks Fat Quarter Bundle Hoffman Fabrics (2 packs of 12)
4 yards of leaf green kona solid

Project 3: Flurry Christmas Quilt
Fabric: Kit + backing

Project 4: Summer Sampler Quilt
Pattern: Summer Sampler
Fabric: Summer House by Lily Ashbury for Moda Fabrics

- 1 layer cake
- 4 yards of assorted fabrics in 0.5-0.75 yard increments
- 3.5 yards Simple Summer backing SKU# 11440-11

Project 5: Terrain Quilt for our bed
Pattern: ??
Fabric: Terrain by Kate Spain (1 FQ bundle)

- FQ Bundle
- 9 yards Terrain Bloom Forest Floor Yardage SKU# 27090-18 (Backing)
- 1.25 yards Terrain Bloom Lichen Yardage SKU# 27098-13
- 2.5 yards Terrain Foliage Forest Floor Yardage SKU# 27090-14
- 3.5 yards Terrain Mist Fern Yardage SKU# 27099-15
- 1.5 yards Terrain Bloom Dahlia Yardage SKU# 27091-13
- 1 yard Terrain Foliage Fern Yardage SKU# 27099-14
- 4 yards Terrain Foliage Forest Floor Yardage SKU# 27090-14

Project 6: Postage Stamp Quilt
Pattern: From PS I Quilt
Fabric: Sunkissed by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics

Project 7: Safary Baby Quilt
Not sure what I am going to do with this yet, but here is the fabric:

Project 8: Little Apples Baby Quilt
Design: Building Blocks
Fabric: Layer Cake
- 1 layer cake
- 2 yards Little Apples White Linen Tortoises Yardage SKU# 18513-20 (backing)
- 0.75 yards Little Apples Aqua Little Apples Yardage SKU# 18517-12 (binding)
- 1 yard Little Apples Lollipop Leaves Yardage SKU# 18512-46 (sashing)
- 0.75 yard Little Apples Pencil Little Apple Trees Yardage SKU# 18511-15 (border)

Project 9: YACQ (Yet Another Christmas Quilt)
Pattern: Road To Kansas
Fabric: Flurry by Kate Spain

- 4 Flurry Charm Packs
- 3.5 yards Flurry Mint Glitter Yardage SKU# 27089-13 (backing)
- 1 yard Flurry Red Ribbon Sparkle Yardage SKU# 27088-11 (binding)
- 1 yard Bella Solids White Bleached Yardage SKU# 9900-98 (background)

Project 10: Lap Quilt for Living Room
Pattern: I am thinking Skill Builder Sampler Quilt-Along
Fabric: Hometown by Sweetwater

- 2 Fat Quarter Bundler (~24 Fat Quarters)
- 2 yards Hometown Cream Barbershop Yardage SKU# 5464-32
- 0.75 yards Hometown Stop Sign Town News Yardage SKU# 5462-21
- 2.5 yards Hometown Stop Sign Textured Solid Yardage SKU# 5468-11
- 1.5 yards Hometown Bicycle Textured Solid Yardage SKU# 5468-16
- 5 yards Hometown Cream Marketplace Yardage SKU# 5467-11 (backing)

Project 11: Cape Ann Baby Quilt
Pattern: Dottie by Cluck Cluck Sew
Fabric: Cape Ann by Oliver + S for Moda Fabrics

- 1 layer cake
- 4.5 yards Cape Ann Cotton Sunset Pink Ginkgo Toss Yardage SKU# 11184-12 (backing)
- 0.75 yards Cape Ann Cotton Atlantic Blue Chrysanthemum Swirl Yardage SKU# 11185-15 (binding)
- 2 yards Cape Ann Cotton Crème Brulee with Sunset Pink Indian Summer Yardage SKU# 11187-12 (background)
- 0.75 yards Cape Ann Cotton Sunset Pink Virginia's Closet Yardage SKU# 11180-12 (border)
Size: 61"x69"

Project 12: Sophie Baby Quilt
Pattern: Lemonade Lollipop
Fabric: Sophie by Chez Moi for Moda Fabrics

- 1 layer cake
- 3.5 yards Sophie Cream Nosegay Yardage SKU# 32501-14 (backing)
- 0.75 yards Sophie Blue Fiesta Leafy Swirl Yardage SKU# 32504-11 (sashing)
- 1 yard Bella Solids Snow Yardage SKU# 9900-11 (background)
- 0.5 yards Sophie Tomato Soup Petal Yardage SKU# 32506-14 (accent fabric)
Size: 45"x59"

Project 13: Curio Quilt
Pattern: Basket Case by Cluck Cluck Sew
Fabric: Curio by Basicgrey for Moda Fabrics

Quantities: 1 jelly roll
- 0.75 yards Curio Butternut Grunge Yardage SKU# 30150-132 (binding)
- 4.25 yards Curio Clove Letter Collage Yardage SKU# 30270-13 (backing)
- 0.5 yards Curio Asparagus Muslin Yardage SKU# 30271-15 (inner border)
- 1 yards Curio Pond Cabriole Yardage SKU# 30272-11 (outer border)

Project 14: Fairy Tale Quilt
I am excited to make this for my big girls. They are going to go crazy over all the fairy tale characters! I hope to make something big enough to snuggle under!
Pattern: Alternating pattern of 14x14 log cabin blocks and large pinwheels, using the pindot fabrics
Fabric: Fairy Tale Friends by American Jane for Moda Fabrics

- 1 layer cake
- 2 Fairy Tale Friends Black Story Time Quilt Panel SKU# 21600-11
- 2 Fairy Tale Friends Jelly Roll American Jane for Moda Fabrics
- 0.5 yards Fairy Tale Friends Orange Pin Dot Yardage SKU# 21098-80
- 0.5 yards Fairy Tale Friends Yellow Pin Dot Yardage SKU# 21098-81
- 0.5 yards Fairy Tale Friends Blue Pin Dot Yardage SKU# 21098-83
- 0.5 yards Fairy Tale Friends Aqua Pin Dot Yardage SKU# 21098-84
- 1 yard Fairy Tale Friends Black Pin Dot Yardage SKU# 21098-78
- 6 yards Fairy Tale Friends Black Mary's Garden Yardage SKU# 21603-18 (backing)
- 0.75 yards Fairy Tale Friends Red Pin Dot Yardage SKU# 21098-79 (binding)

Project 15: Amelia Baby Quilt
Pattern: Retro Flowers Quilt-Along
Fabric: Amelia by Me & My Sister Designs designer select
- 15 FQs
- 1 charm pack
- 3.5 yards Amelia Cotton Tempting Turquoise Flower Dance Yardage SKU# 22160-13 (backing)
- 0.75 yards Amelia Cotton Plentiful Pink Bursting Buds Yardage SKU# 22162-12(binding)
- 3 more yards of pink and 1 yard of purple polka dots
- 4 yards solid - bella white 98

Project 16: Fortune Cookie Quilt
I may possibly like this collection as much as Terrain. And that's tough.
Pattern: I am going to use this collection for my month's quilting bee. I am going to let everyone pick what block they want to make from a combination of a few charm squares, a fat eighth, and a solid. The resulting blocks I will just sash and add a border.
Fabric: Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics

- 4 Charm Packs
- 1 Fat Eighth Bundle
- 5 yards Porcelain Bella Solid SKU# 9900PP-182 (background & sashing)
- 3.5 yards Good Fortune Reflection Yoshino Yardage SKU# 27104-18 (border & cornerstones?))
- 0.75 yards Good Fortune Harmony Fan Yardage SKU# 27103-11 (binding?)
- 5 yards Good Fortune Waterfall Sakura Yardage SKU# (backing) 27101-17
- 0.75 yards Good Fortune Tea Dragonfly Yardage SKU# (binding?) 27107-15

Project 17: Max's Quilt
I am doing a fairly simple alternating fence rail design in blues, yellow, green and brown. I have all the rows made, I just need to put the top together a piece the back. This quilt is huge, so I think I will get it long-arm quilted.

Project 18: Strawberry Fields BOM Club
Fabric: Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics

I get fabric to make one block each month. Additionally I have the backing fabric and the finishing kit. It will look like a field of flowers in the end: each block is a flower.

Grand Total: 18 projects! I completed ~5 this year... maybe I will get more efficient! I think I will shoot for 12, 1 per month. Totally doable! :)

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